Play. Learn. Grow.

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Why should play be a part of every child’s life?

Why should play be a part of every child’s life?

Play is a universal phenomenon and a right of childhood. It is a spontaneous, rewarding and fun with several benefits:

Education: helps children learn and build skills that lay the foundation for learning to read, write and do math.
Social skills: provides opportunities to socialize with peers of the same age, and to learn to understand others, to communicate and to negotiate.
Cognition: encourages children to learn, imagine, categorize and problem solve.
Therapeutic benefits: Gives children the opportunity to express troubling aspects of their daily life, including stresses, trauma, family conflicts and other dilemmas.
Our children live in a time of busy schedules and high expectations for achievement; we should take care to give them the time and space to discover the joy and benefits of free play.